Men who are "neurotically afraid of women.
  Do you think women are out to stalk and to hunt you down and put your stuffed head on their wall?  This page is for men who are interested in being hunted by women for fun and entertainment.

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(Miami).  Ok, I'll bite. sounds like it might be a fun kind of game. My name is Al. I'm a plumber. I like to smoke and drink and have fun, jump in my Lincoln see how fast it will run, see how many nuns and cops I can knock over, I'm 45 and about a 4 on a scale of 10.  I feel paranoid a lot and pissed off about countless things. - Al (3342)

Rahns Penna:  I live along the Perkiomen. I'm 44, white, shaved head, long ZZ top beard, interested in birds and insects. I collect them. Also worms.  - contact AL.
Here's a very useful book for men.