Mormons are mentally beyond being simply neurotic, but they do manifest neurotic traits (OCD, paranoia, delusional, etc) as well as psychotic traits (hear voices and see things which aren't there). Beyond that they are credulous, sanctimonious, and simple minded.  As a result they are not permitted on this site.  Furthermore, no man or woman should be looking for a mormon life partner.

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4/2.  I was married to an ignorant, self-righteous, and stupid mormon for way too long. When it comes to their women they are the original control freaks. "Sandy of Provo". Thank God we didn't get a mormon president.  Here's my photo. Hope to hear from U?? 
(the shirt is just a joke. )

(Salt Lake City).  Ugh, mormons, what a bunch of perverts masking as holy men.  They have holes in their heads is all, and those scary looking bishops are the worst. "Ann. Former bride of Frankenstein.
(Provo).   Mormon.  Makes more sense to believe in the Easter bunny than Joseph Smith. What a crock. - Sandy
(Arizona City).  All religious are irrational and make no real sense, but Mormonism is way beyond simply being irrational. It's totally insane.  - Judy.
(Logan)  I've been trapped here in Logan with my older sister and we lack the necessary funds to move somewhere else, somewhere normal.  Both of us are 40 something and desire to meet a nice man.
(Flagstaff).  I'm 34 with a big chest. Formerly married to a mormon weirdo. I'd rather live in some hillybilly jerkwater town than in Utah.   Write to me.

   Good read here: Five stars on Amazon. Read all about Religious cults like Moromons.