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My favorite place in Manhattan is Union Square!! I like to meet cool neurotic, and  interesting people there, take photographs, and I also enjoy writing in this environment..When I usually leave Union Square I meet up with my friends at a bar, fashion show, or another social gathering.. I go to bars, clubs, and fashion shows a few times per monthyet slowly but surely I am learning that I am not the most comfortable in the serious sahrs virus typesocial venues.. (Yes I'm fucking neurotic).  Andrew. Soho.

3-29  Why do the dogs chase cars? - 45 (Jersey City)
The same reason why middle aged men like me chase girls....to Catch them , not to drive them, 
Jokes apart , looking for a partner in crime , doing fun things together
....like loosing weight by going on long walks 
.....listening to music 
.....turning vegetarian....yes i can cook
---watching movies 
.......and then travelling , visting great places together etc.....
if intrested , write back with " Partner in Crime" in the Subject....
Women looking for sex only and my credit card info .....move on....dont waste my time. Nick, Jersey City.    


I profess myself to be a most gallant, knavish, and roughish poet. I have
been seduced by the firmly held belief that women are attracted to poetmen and as a logical consequence of this have devoted the past 30 years of my life to the writing of poetry. Fortunate am I to have been able to enjoy the uninterrupted income of a trust fund set up by my two very distinguished partners in crime. Uncle Charles and Uncle Edwin. Thus freed from the odium of daily labor . And I am neurotic as hell.    -  Dave.  Atlantic City NJ.  User no. 1222.


I'm an outdoors type of person. I love being active, and I love exploring unmapped nature trails, hiking, canyon running, bonfires, gun ranges, and most of all overnight stays in the desert. If that sounds too country for you, I don't know what to say. Well, I do, but this isn't the appropriate place, hahaha. I have an Associates of Occupational studies, and I'm a logical feller for the most part. Too many of us think with our emotions rather than our noggins. I guess I should probably go into detail on what kind of woman interests me... to be honest, it's nothing exotic or outlandish. Just be level headed. From that, I think any convo will be interesting. Can't go into too much detail on my life, I doubt anyone here wants to read a novel. So, I guess if this interests anyone, shoot me an email. Let's get to know each other. I'm an open book, and it takes a lot to offend me. With that in mind, let the communication be unhindered.  /And yes, I am fucking neurotic.      Slim. El Paso TX.


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