This page is for females who are paranoid and/or who seek a paranoid male.  Initially you may have to send an email to the paranoia threadmaster for this page.

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I am a single white female 56yrs of age, 5ft 3in tall with long straight thick auburn colored hair that goes to my ass. I have blue eyes & just few extra lbs. I'm outgoing, sarcastic & witty with an excellent sense of humor, and diagnosed paranoid.  A little bit of hippie, tomboy & country girl combined. I love animals & have no children. Artistic, creative & an excellent cook. I can also read poetry in Spanish, although I am German, not a Nazi, ok.      Melissa. Norristown Penna.


I will soon be relocating to the east side of town and am completely unfamiliar with the restaraunts, bars and entertainment that will be available. It would be great to meet some new people that could show me around! I am not a big drinker but I do enjoy a couple cold beers on occasion. I have a gym membership that has become stagnant but am excited to get active again, trying to find out who are the people spying on me?  The government? Earl Warren?  Paul Bowles? Jack Kerouac.  Better not fuckin be you....                                                       Shannon.    Fort Washington Pa.


Your first task, should you accept this interpersonal challenge, is to treat this naturally attractive, full-bodied, foxy chick to coffee. You will listen & talk and ask me questions about myself, and I of you. We'll see if we like each other...sometimes I will like you more, other times visa-versa. Such is life. If there seems to be a mutual connection/attraction, we will explore that. I've been looking for you my whole life, darlin. In my bones, I feel that you too have been searching for me, even staling me with a dildoe.  Please send a photo of what you look like now in your middle years, and show me yourself in a trenchcoat stalking someone, listening to them in the bathroom, etc.
                                                                                      Kelly.   Flagstaff AZ.

You might try getting the book below and reading it.  It's a good one.  The threadmaster reviews all books recommended on this site.