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(From Buffalo NY) Hi. My name is Ozzy. I live in Phoenix.  I like to sing and to shock people.  I'm older but still running against the wind.  For a long time I've believed the government has been spying on me. My friends tell me that it's true.  I'm 42 and holding, holding everything in sight.  Contact me at 4562

(Valley Forge Pa).  I'm writing on behalf of my sun Jason who would like to meet someone. Recently he had a genuine paranoid type of experience which I will relate. I will provide further details to any woman who's interested.
As usual his enlarged prostate brought him into the bathroom at least once during the night. As he was relieving himself, Jason caught sight of his right hand which bore the very faint imprint of a checkerboard pattern, the very same design which was etched into the grip of his own gun. For a moment he entertained the notion that he might have really held up a bank while sleepwalking in his gym shorts and T-shirt which read, "I'm the only hell my mama ever raised," one of his favorite shirts which he purchased years ago at a Johnny Paycheck concert. He had been so drunk that he pissed on a stranger's leg.                         William.  Salem NJ.


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