Welcome men and women, boys and girls, cowboys and cowgirls, Belles and whistlers, whittlers and sowers, sky poilets and pie stylists, anarchists and agnostics, baby makers and maybe bakers, pot growers and gourd throwers; rum and riioters & peace and quietaahhrs; gin players and rum drinkers, and gin drinkers & small engine tinkerers, but regardless, you must be neurotic.  There is only one exception to this rule.

This is a matchmaking site with pictures and yes, you can post nude photos (of yourself only. No photos of strangers. Photos must be of adults, whatever that is in your state or country. We don't want to be taken to court over any underage bullshit. Every application for membership must contain proof of age.

                         WHAT AGES CAN YOU BE?
Amy age from 18-105.In fact the site is broken down by age as well as gender. Note that we do not cater to homosexuals on this site.  We accept homosexuality but don't encourage it.  Besides, you gays have your own sites and clubs. don't be flitting around here. 

                         What if I'm not neurotic?
You must be neurotic to participate here. Refer yourself to the "Are U Neurotic" page.  

                        You must be single.
If we discover that you are married we shall contact your wife and advise her you tried to join this site.

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